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WhY Fire
The Fire with which one pushes through the unknown...
The Fire to Create and Transform One's
Desires Dreams and Goals into Reality...          Starting Now.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Y I Love...

Some of these Blog entries will be on family, work, passions of all sorts. Mostly centered around the theme of Choosing to Be Empowered. Namely, choosing to be empowered where I, or anyone really, could easily continue down a path as is, making no real growth or change.  

I am currently working allot, to get caught up financially. From a realistic point of view, I am committed to being ahead, so that we can weather any storm. From the core of who I Am, I am committed to Living Passionately! 

So I will be sharing many things that I or my family love, things that we love so much, we've gotten behind them, so that others, you can love them too!

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

A New Passion...

This is where it all begins... The rubber hits the road... Passion meets Action. Where my Dreams, Goals and Aspirations meet you... Where your Dreams Goals Aspirations meet me.

Maybe you're already livin your Dreams, maybe you're on your way. Maybe Your Dreams are expanding to unseen levels! I read somewhere that the moment we set into action a dream or goal, is the moment infinite new possibilities arise. If we keep trying to make it what we thought it was, it's no longer alive and growing.

The moment we think we've arrived is the moment we're lost. A dream is constantly expanding or it's not. Like our Children. We think we know who they are. Then, they pop out w something new. We can recoil in shock, or revel in the surprize that our Child is beyond our comprehension or scope or knowledge in this moment.

Relationships and people are like that too. We like to think we know each other, thus limiting each other to who we knew them to be. All of that is from the past. Newness can only occur in the moment. I am both excited for the newness and affraid of it. I like to think I know myself as one way: Shy, creative, unheard. Though the more I related to myself that way, the more difficult it became to express in new ways, namely this website and the culmination of creative endeavors you'll find within.

This small piece of our websites represents some of the Passions that are in my Heart and some of the Passions in the Heart of my partner, Annette. 

So Here's to New Ideas Being Released into Our world, Your World! This is the Beginning of InSpired action for me, my partners and You, If you Like...

Enjoy :-) ...

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Bonjour, have a great day.

Today is the day, and it is as great as we stand bold for!

You too, you can Harness the stand.